Appalling Nature (Erin in Snow), 2020

Appalling Nature (Erin in Snow), 2020
Single-channel HD Video, Hand-drawn Animation, Found Footage
Featuring Erin Nixon
Narrated by Richard Smart & Emilie Crewe

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Erin is on her way home after a long day’s work. She follows the elongated shadows of barren trees as she struggles to find her way, battling her own inner voice. Unsure if she is being hunted, her thoughts align with a nearby doe, whose instincts are sparked by carnal awareness.

An array of household pets serve as counterparts to the protagonist’s own sense of captivity. Like Erin, they are unintentional prisoners. They are her unforeseen spirit guides; animal totems of her everyday stresses.

A thoughtful meditation on anxiety and uncertainty, Appalling Nature is a journey through mental suffering and winter landscapes.

* Appalling Nature has been screened at the 27th Chicago Underground Film Festival (2020) and as part of Another Experiment by Women (Curated by Lili White) through New Filmmakers NY in New York, NY, USA (2020)