Addressing themes of labour, habitat, collections and archives, my work often explores the concept of the unsung hero and ideas surrounding what is unseen or unheard in the world around us. My practice is an ongoing attempt to uncover what is buried, discarded or forgotten.  By integrating acute macro imagery and textural sound into my art, I aim to viscerally connect the viewer to my videos, installations and new media projects. My intention is to produce artworks that conjure a physical response in the audience, as if they can sense the content in their fingertips, perceive olfactory components from moving images, and feel sound in a corporeal way.  As an artist, I aspire to bring the unnoticed to light.

My current research is focused on how the human brain responds to music and the ways that our bodies connect to elements such as tone, timbre, rhythm and contour.  Driven by musical structure and form, recent projects are composed using constructs such as harmony & melody, repetition, variation and inversion.  Many of my videos are edited to the beat of a metronome in order to evoke an internal rhythm within viewers.  

My practice is constant. I consider everyday moments, the in-betweens and intervals to be part of my art-making process. I am a detective. an archivist. a scientist. a storyteller. I am an archaeologist uncovering the smallest detail. My sketch-work and artistic investigations take into consideration the materiality of the collection and the archive. I appreciate libraries, taxonomy, schematics, diagrams and maps.