Moving the Shit Pile, 2010

Moving the Shit Pile + Sub-Invertebrate + Other Oppositional Forces, 2010
SD Video Collage w/ Text
Featuring Jesse Walker & Emilie Crewe

Everything is happening at once... As the pair dug deeper, the sub-invertebrate planned his escape.

"When the motion picture camera accelerates the unfolding of a flower, we receive a sublime image of offering; it is as though the flower we see opening so quickly without reservation, sensed the meaning of a gift; as though it were a gift from the world. But if the cinema showed us a snail emerging from its shell in fast motion, or pushing its horns toward the sky very rapidly, what an aggression that would be! What aggressive horns!" 

- Bachelard, Gaston. "Shells." The Poetics of Space. Boston, MA: Beacon, 1994.

*Exhibited at Noble and Superior Projects in Chicago, IL as part of the group show, "RON ARTIST: MVP". A variation of this video titled, Gruntwork, was shown in a screening program titled, "The Labor Party", at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, PA, and at (sub)Urban Projections: Digital Art and Media Festival in Eugene, OR, USA.