Sedimenting, 2011

Sedimenting, 2011
HD Video
Featuring Erin Nixon

[* * *] carries the home around as an extension of the body, creating a temporal habitat that serves a specific function. Collecting grapefruit skins and tiny pebbles, [* * *] systematically arranges objects in the fashion that a bower bird prepares a nest. Each object is important.

Addressing themes of nature, collection/archive, ideas of home, habitation and infestation, I intend to create an abstract narrative that induces a corporeal viewing experience. The use of hand-held camera techniques and extreme close-ups serves to create a narrative that withholds key elements of the character’s rituals. The movement and composition suggest a subjective point of view.

By withholding an image that establishes time and space, the viewer is left with a fractured picture that can only be repaired by their own imagination. This obscurity is heightened by the lack of a traditional narrative. There is no beginning, middle, or end to the video.

Video Stills:

*  This piece has been screened at The Nightingale Theater in Chicago, IL, The Chicago Underground Film Festival “Salonathon”, OK.Video FLESH at the National Gallery of Indonesia, Espacio Enter at the Tenerife Espacio de las Artes in the Canary Islands, Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival in Hawick, UK, Film/Performance/Space at the Summerhall Arts Centre in Edinburgh, UK, The Hidden Door Festival in Edinburgh, UK, "The Drift" at lodge222 in Dordrecht, Netherlands, and as part of the show Pursuant Pharaohs at Collar Works Gallery in Troy, New York.