This Room/Patterns, 2017

This Room/Patterns, 2017
HD Video
(Nine-channel Video Collage)
Performed by Anne Hansen

An older woman feeds on what surrounds her. She makes things. She counts seconds as she presses flowers, cataloguing the petals in the dictionary. Keeping time, everyday iteratives are woven together with fragments of the past. All the while, the outside world eludes as she is anchored to the 9th floor...

This Room/Patterns
is based on the concept of a barnacle: an encrusted species, permanently attached. Depicted in the video is a hermetic, elderly woman reflecting on memories, antiquities and the space around her. Nine windows of moving images are arranged simultaneously to create a video collage.

*This artwork is a multi-channel video that can be screened in a screening program, or exhibited as a looping video projection/monitor. Additionally, the artwork can be separated into nine, six, or three different channels and exhibited on multiple synced screens.

Art on the Screens 2017, Public Art Exhibition; Mississauga, Ontario, Canada:

Video Stills:

* This Room/Patterns was screened as a public artwork in 2017 for 'Art on the Screens' at Celebration Square in Mississauga, ON, Canada, exhibited at Roman Susan Gallery in Chicago, IL, USA in 2017, exhibited as a looping video installation for aDifferent Festival at aCinema in Milwaukee, WI, USA in 2018, exhibited at Two Rivers Gallery in Prince George, BC, Canada from January to April of 2018, and screened at the Hudson Valley Museum of Contemporary Art in a program called "Streams and Channels" for the opening of the Peekskill Film Festival in 2019. In addition, the artwork was included in the "Streetlight" program at Roman Susan Art Foundation and Wedge Projects in Chicago, IL in 2019.

Three-channel Mock-up:

Three-channel Video: