Waste Management, 2008

Waste Management, 2008
Single-channel video (18mins SD video loop), three monitors, DVD player, RF converter, video signal amplifier, coaxial cables, RCA cables, recycling bin, recycling bags, waste Site specific; dimensions are approximately H 45" x L 45" x W 36"

Waste Management is a sculptural installation featuring single-channel video, displayed on three monitors. The video monitors are placed among + within plastic bags filled with various plastic recyclables. The light emitted from the monitors is refracted and reflected by the various types of plastics.

The viewer is confronted with images of a pair of hands fondling and caressing garbage. The relationship between the hands and the waste is both loving and repulsive. This contrast high

lights connections between the consumer and the product, emphasizing the bonds that we inadvertently create between ourselves and our waste.

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Video Loop