SELF HELP, 2017/18
Single-channel HD Video
12’53” (seamless loop)
Can be exhibited with or without sound

SELF HELP features close-up images of an assortment of books being "thumbed through". As the video progresses, the object of the book takes on a sculptural and landscape-like characteristic. As pages flip by, fragments of text are highlighted, offering the viewer a spontaneous poetic narrative. The audience may piece together snippets of words, creating a different viewing experience with each screening.

The title references the books that are in the video: a mixture of classic literature, non-fiction wilderness/travel, and self help books. A personalized element of the 'self' comes into play as each viewer pieces together little bits of text.

Documentation of installation at the UMW Media Wall in Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA, April 2018
Two-person Exhibition with Aaron Higgins | Photo credit: Jason Robinson

Abridged Video: 3 minutes